Find out how stress affects your body and brain. Learn how to identify symptoms and ways to improve your resilience



By analysing your sleep pattern and identifying factors in your daily routine and environment we will help you to resolve Insomnia, Fatigue and reinstall healthy restorative sleep.



 Obtain a detailed picture of your health. Get a unique coaching program that helps you to make the right choices towards a long and healthy life.



Make the first step toward healthier sleep by investing 1 minute of your time into this unique test with a personalised result.


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My name is Dr Alexander Zeuke I am a board-certified General Surgeon with post-graduation in Preventive Medicine. I am the founder of MedKore Preventive Medicine where I am developing and providing solutions for Personalized Medicine, Stress Management,  Sleep Disorder, Metabolic Health, Predictive Genetics and Corporate Health.

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If you know more about yourself and your body, you will stick around longer. Get a detailed picture of your health and prevent chronic conditions so you can live your life to the fullest. Learn how to self-analyse and overcome stress and sleep disorders. Get your DNA Test and learn how to prevent chronic age-related disease with your personalised health plan.

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MedKore develops Health Coaching Courses for everyone and specialised programs for people in demanding jobs. Together with MedKore team members, I am helping individual clients and corporations around the world not only to create the foundations for a balanced life but achieving their goals as well.

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Very satisfied with Dr. Alexanders approach and treatment of my stress-related issues. Highly recommended to everyone who is suffering from stress and anxiety,  especially in demanding jobs.

Victoria London, UK

Priceless help on my recovery journey from Chronic Fatigues, Insomnia and Pre -Burnout!

The private coaching sessions with Dr.Alexander Zeuke are outstanding.  I was looking for a specialist who can explain my chronic fatigue and identify my symptoms,  how to de-stress and how to handle stressful situations. I was very close to Burnout but thanks to Dr.Alexander and his step by step guidance, I have learned the essential things and techniques which transformed my life for better.

Richard Toronto , Canada

I was suffering from insomnia for years. Dr Alexander explains what goes on inside your brain and body during the sleep and how important it is to reset body and mind by following basic rules. It helped me fully understand what caused my insomnia and ways to get a better sleep.

B.SchwarzHamburg, Germany