MedKore Corporate Health Program provides your employees with the tools to manage stress and decrease absences due to illness. The program includes a personal report with feedback to each employee or employee group to motivate lifestyle changes and improve general wellbeing.

Within the ever-changing and psychologically demanding modern corporate world, maintaining the required resilience and performance at all levels is the key. By combining high-performance medicine and preventive diagnostic tools, coupled with innovative medical coaching, our focus is on maintaining and optimising the performance of your organisation’s workforce.

MedKore Corporate Health Program has a scientific approach to the assessment of neuro−stress and recognising tendencies of professional exhaustion.

Our innovative ways to prevent stress−associated issues like burnout, chronic fatigue, and sleeping disorders are based on psychographic data, laboratory findings, and heart rate variability measurement.

We will partner with you in developing health strategies which fit better to the unique requirements of your executive human resources and are closely aligned with the core values of your organisation. Your company will benefit from an optimised work environment; a reduction in absenteeism and a more focused and engaged workforce. Executive professionals will gain a deep understanding of stress and stress-related health issues and the difference that fundamental lifestyle changes can make on their performance.

The 4 elements of MedKore Corporate Health Program

MedKore employs a comprehensive scientific approach to promote better overall health and performance:

Scientific data usage to promote conscious awareness of how your body reacts to stress

Promotion of self-responsibility and behavioural changes through the knowledge of current physiological and physical states

Comprehensive motivational strategies to promote long-term change through individual coaching

Monitoring and control of specific health Indicators scientifically linked to resilience and wellbeing

Step 1


Participants get access to an IT Platform to assess psychographic data . The System contains the most important health questionnaires currently available to objectify current state of health , stress exposition and stress intensifying factors.

Step 2


We analyse key hormones and neurotransmitters identified as indicators of performance exhaustion and assess their current status. In addition, we are able to analyse genetic stress predisposition and effects of chronic stress exposure on the subject’s brain.

Step 3


By using HRV measurement, we identify sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system balances. HRV provides awareness of disproportional responses to particular stress situations. A digital diary notes provide context for the recorded measurements.

Step 4


Each participant receives a comprehensive report which outlines your current stress levels, sleep and recovery levels. Our coaching service will provide you with scientifically-backed information on how to reduce stress levels and improve recovery.

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