About Doctor

Why am I doing preventive medicine?

My name is Dr Alexander Zeuke. After 20 years working as a general surgeon, I found myself confronted every time more with the reality and helplessness of conventional medicine to prevent chronic disease.

I have realised that the demographic changes in the world, involving a growing number of elderly are prompting a dramatic increase in age-related conditions such as heart failure, arterioscleroses, arthrosis type 2 diabetes, malignant cancers and neurodegenerative diseases which cause pain and hardship not only for patients but the involved family members as well.

National Health Systems and Health providers are completely overwhelmed with this fact and are not offering sufficient support or solutions to meet the challenges of a widespread epidemic of chronic health conditions while the alternative medicine community is concentrating without great success on stress, insomnia, diet and exercise.

A paradigm shift in modern medicine has to take place, and new strategies have to be implemented in the daily life of each person to create changes. In my daily practice in hospitals and private practice, I also realised that the everchanging working conditions in a digitalised and globalised world have an impact on the health of the younger generations. Sleep disorder, stress-related issues, anxiety, and depression are the cause of all kind of diseases.

More and more people are disconnected from the natural conditions of existence. A drug abuse, anti-anxiety or antidepressive drugs are more often prescribed to young adults.

Sleep disorder and low energy levels in young adults are not an exception anymore but considered a natural fact of modern existence. In my daily practice,   I have implemented advanced diagnostic methods and therapeutic strategies (which sometimes seem to be a little counterintuitive) to enhance peoples sleep and energy levels, general well being, and stress coping abilities to improve their life efficiently.

Medkore Coaching

In my coaching sessions, people learn how to overcome chronic health conditions and get back their energy and vitality. I am primarily focussing on Sleep Disorder, Stress and Stress-Related Health Conditions, Anxiety, Overweight and Circadian Rhythm Disorder where most of the chronic health conditions start. With innovative teaching methods including comprehensive laboratory scans, genetic testing and lifestyle assessment clients learn the cause of their health condition which often lies in their toxic environment. My goal is to implement long-lasting lifestyle interventions based on scientific evidence to get back to normal as soon as possible. Our Online Courses empower people to control their health and energy levels and not fall into the trap of chronic medication or diet dogmas.