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Dr Alexander Zeuke analyses all collected information and provides actionable solutions for health optimization.

Take control of your health and opt for the right changes to improve your wellbeing.


What gets measured gets improved! We organize all the necessary exams and consultations on your location.

There is no one fits all approach. You are unique and, we will tailor preventive health plans and regenerative treatment protocols based on your unique requirements.

Dr Alexander Zeuke

Dr Alexander Zeuke

Co-Founder / CEO

Board-certified General Surgeon with post-graduation in Preventive Medicine.

Dr Alexander Zeuke partners with you to develop personalized health programs based on DNA sequencing, laboratory screening and state of the art imaging diagnostic tools.

Medkore Preventive health plans have actionable solutions and give you a detailed picture of your current health status and future health risks.

Victoria  Bugai

Victoria Bugai

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer