• More than 110 health-relevant genetic variations and risk assassment for the most important preventable diseases,
  • Disease prevention plan
  • Pharmacogenetics of more than 230 critical medicines regarding effectiveness and side effects
  • Personalised nutrition plan with diets beneficial to your genotype
  • Weight management planer
  • Environmental program and detoxification genetics
  • Micronutrient and antioxidant needs
  • Food intolerances
  • DNA stress management and burnout prevention
  • Sport and recovery based on your genetic blueprint
  • Optional: personalised micronutrient and antioxidant
  • Bonus: 2 free online consultations with a specialist in preventive medicine


This Preventive Health Program includes genetic predispositions to the most important degenerative diseases and all lifestyle genetic analysis which help you to personalize your life and increase functional lifespan.

The health genetic analysis assess the following disease predispositions:

  • Cardiovascular Diseases Risk (Arrhythmia, Coronary Heart Disease, Arteriosclerosis, Heart Attack Risk, Risk for Hypertension)

  • Metabolic Diseases Risk (Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity)

  • Gastrointestinal Diseases (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases like Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis)

  • Neurodegenerative and Neurological Diseases (Alzheimers Disease, Dementia, Schizophrenia, Depression)

  • Cancer (including Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Skin Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Lung Cancer)

  • Predisposition to Chronic Inflammatory Health Conditions

  • Digestive Disorders (Gluten Intolerance, Lactose Intolerance, Nutrient Absorption Capacity)

  • Iron Overload (Hemochromatosis)

  • Chronic Bone Disease (Osteoporosis, Calcium Absorption Capacity, Degenerative Disk Disease)

  • Joint Disease (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Spondylitis)

  • Eye Disease (Glaucoma and Macula Degeneration)

  • The risk for Thrombosis (Blood Clotting, Embolie)

  • Dental Health Conditions (Prevention of Periodontal Disease by Selection of the Right Implant, Titanium Implant Loss Probability, Periodontitis Risk)

  • HIV Resistance (risk of HIV infection in case of contact)

With the lifestyle genetics analysis, we help you to prevent and outlain the following:

  • Prevent more than 20 metabolic health problems, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, chronic inflammation, autoimmunity and more.

  • Maintain homocysteine, triglycerides and cholesterol levels within the normal range by adjusting your diet to your genetic blueprint

  • Understand how to mitigate the effects of free radicals, and oxidative stress to your body

  • Appreciate how quickly you metabolise substances like caffeine and alcohol

  • Understand your unique detoxication ability for environmental toxins and pollutants, which is vital to maintain energy levels in modern living and working environments.

  • Identify your necessities for many essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

  • Get a personalised micronutrient plan for all analysed vitamins, minerals and trace elements

  • Get crucial information on how to improve your bone, joint and eye health

  • Find answers on what food ingredients are healthy and what kind of foods to avoid because of possible poor compatibility

  • Understand your tendency to overweight and how to maintain a healthy body composition for a lifetime

  • Find out which diet type is perfect for you to maintain or lose weight

  • Learn which kind of sport fits your genetic blueprint best to lose weight and maintain muscle mass

  • Learn how to detox your body

First, we understand who you are from within, then we optimize your lifestyle.


This program has been selected for you by specialists in preventive medicine and intents the detection of genetic deficits and the neutralisation of disease risks.


Cardiovascular disease

Metabolic disease

Gastrointestinal disease


Autoimmunity Predisposition




Iron overload

Food intolerances

Vitamin deficiencies


Infection risk of HIV


Drug tolerance

Stress and Burnout

Environmental stressors

Antioxidant needs

Micronutrient needs


Alzheimer’s disease

Macular Degeneration

Cancer predisposition

Osteoporosis and joint disease

Our Mission


By genotyping your DNA,  we can identify predispositions to chronic health conditions. Considering the results of your genetic test our specialists in preventive health care will develop with you a preventive health plan including measures for disease prevention. A genetic predisposition to a medical condition does not mean that it will develop. Your lifestyle and certain environmental factors contribute to whether a gene is activated or remains silent.

Genetic Testing and Coaching Sessions

Stop guessing what is good or bad for you and use scientific data to optimise nutrition, exercise and well-being.



Step 1

Saliva Sample

Buy healthplan online! Upon signature of consent authorisation, you will receive the MedKore genetic test kit with all explanations on how to perform the saliva sample extraction.

Step 2

Test Results

Within a week or two, you will get the results of your genetic test, including a comprehensive guide on how to prevent the health conditions outlined in the report.

Step 3

Your Benefits

Our comprehensive report will provide you with general awareness of potential individual health risks and how to influence you lifestyle positively to neutralize genetic weaknesses.

Step 4

Genetic Councelling

Schedule your free online consultation with a doctor specialized in preventive medicine. In the consultation, you can ask any questions, and the doctor helps you to put the preventive health plan into action.

Already have 23andMe or Ancestry DNA data?

Still, have lots of questions and doubts on raw data from 23andMe or Ancestry DNA? We can analyse and interpret your data! Our professionals will discuss your test results and identify all measures to avoid age-related disease.


DNA Sequencing

Using new advances in DNA sequencing, we can obtain a detailed picture of your health risks and utilise this insight to coach you and make the right changes which can make your longevity.

Genetic Testing

Our genetic tests provide you with the knowledge and awareness of potential risks, so you can take preventative measures and lifestyle changes to avoid disease development at the early stage.

Analysed Gene

Each analysed gene can be positively influenced by appropriate lifestyle choices and other specific measures, outlined in your medical report.

Personalised Report

This personalised report tailored to your risks will guide you in the right direction to stay healthy and optimally functional.